Discover the features of Weasel Spark


Cross canal

Weasel Spark is compatible with web sites, responsive sites, smartphone apps and used straight from your in-store PC as well.


Bug reporting

Bug Reporting, Crash Reporting, Features Reporting for websites, APPs and Stand Alone applications

Easily, for example on your smartphone, shaking it you go to « wake up » WeaselSpark to report manually a bug or a new feature. You will be able to comment the copy of your screenshot. Technical information will be sent to the Features Team. Crash reporting is also sent automatically to the dedicated Run Team, before any warning user.


With Weaselspark, constantly check the functioning of your site on all browsers (Ie, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, …) and on any type of machine (Windows, Linux, Mac) and even on smartphone.
You will be able to ensure that the essential uses (connection, payment, addition to the basket, …) works as expected and on all digital support all over the world.


Being alerted by a technical or functional malfunction.
Technical and functional alerts are sent by mail or by SMS automatically. You can easily ask WeaselSpark to ignore an unwanted alert.

Simulate a user

Thanks to the “convert” feature, you can transform an old user session and run it again. You will be able to consult the video showing what the user has achieved.

Tracking performance

With advanced features, Weasel Spark knows your users by heart and is able to reliably identify a drop in performance of your site.

Qualified alerts

Being warned it’s good. But what happened ? Weasel Spark warns you (bug HTTP, bug JavaScript, bug server…) and tells you how your user or your customer has used your site. You only have to browse the occurences of the user session to duplicate and to rectify effectively your problem.


Share the way your App works before it gets poor ratings on app stores !!!!

use the login:
and the password: demo
to try out Weasel Spark

With Weasel Spark, they have succeeded !

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