Our team and our values

Our values

Our priority at Weasel Spark ? Customer satisfaction !

We believe that getting to know your customers is about meeting their needs and offering them an exceptional experience. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive tool that allows you to understand the behavior of your customers. Thus, you can optimize the performance of your website: optimize customer journeys, resolve bugs, facilitate the monitoring of your site and create an exceptional user experience.

Weasel Spark simplifies your performance tests so you can focus on what’s important: your customers.

How was born
Weasel Spark ?

Weasel Spark started from a fact: when your website encounters a performance problem, the whole user experience is impacted.

To ensure an excellent user experience, Weasel Spark observes your customers, analyzes the blocking points they encounter and allows you to easily view all the data of your website in real time.

That’s why we developed Weasel Spark. Our tool observes the navigation of your visitors, analyzes the blocking points they encounter, and allows you to visualize in real time all the data of your website. Thus, you can easily and quickly optimize the performance of your website.

Our team

Behind Weasel Spark, there are women and men specializing in IT services.

Our team of specialists is at your service and at the service of your success.

Find out who is behind Weasel Spark!

Chief Executive Officer
Lead Developer
IT Project Management Support

former members

They also contributed to Weasel Spark

Alessandro M.

Damien C.

Frédérique B.

Julien B.

Kévin I.

Mathilde B.

Maxime F.

Paul R.

Quentin D.

Quentin R.

Thibault F.

Valentin C.

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